Here is a small sample of testimonials from Sumi’s students and clients:

I've worked with Sumi Komo for over 20 years and have always walked away from sessions with her with greater alignment, clarity and deep healing on a soul level. She is one of the most gifted master healers I have encountered in all the years of my healing work around the world. She has a strong intuition that guides her as she does a profound blend of the Alexander Technique, Jin Shin Jitsu and Cranial Sacral. This past week I had the honor of doing 2 sessions with her and it was life changing. She gently and powerfully guided my body through deep core healing of patterns that were being held in my organs, spine and muscles which had been there for I feel more than just this lifetime. She has an extraordinary healing ability for communicating directly to the nervous system and acting as a medical intuitive/spirit Doctor to move stuck energy and karmic patterns from the physical body, soul, emotions, mind and spirit. I highly recommend her work to anyone who is ready for a profound deep healing experience that will change your life and free you up to be the highest version of yourself.
~ Adrienne Cobb, Portland, OR.

Sumi has a magical way of finding just what ails you. She'll find the place where emotion is waiting to be released and years of heaviness are suddenly revealed, and soon enough, freed. I worked with Sumi because as a dancer, i wanted to move more freely. By learning Alexander technique, I unlearned a lifetime of inefficient movement in favor of more effortless flow. Sumi's both observant and intuitive - if you get the chance to work with her, seize it.
~ Student, Boulder CO

As someone who meditates and practices martial arts regularly, I used to think daily back pain was just a fact of life. How wrong I was! Just one session of the Alexander Technique with Sumi was all it took to significantly and permanently relieve my back pain while dramatically improving my posture. I am absolutely blown away. Sumis knowledge of the body and ability to personalize treatment is nothing short of incredible. I can’t thank her enough.

— Nicholas Kistler

"Sumi Komo is an exceptional Healing Artist. She's an expert at inviting the light of consciousness into the very cells of the body. She combines a mastery of the Alexander technique with a deep and thorough understanding of the subtle energetics connecting body, mind and spirit. Through her enlightened touch and gentle guidance she has assisted me in unwinding a long-standing stress pattern in my spine that many excellent chiropractors were unable to remedy. She not only provides immediate relief through subtle adjustments, but more importantly she is able to awaken and in-form my kinesthetic awareness in a way that allows me to undo the negative pattern myself. I've heard it sai that the the greatest healers are those that teach their patients to heal themselves. Through her multi-faceted approach(a powerful synthesis of Alexander Technique, Jin Shin Juitsu and Cranial Sacral Therapy), Sumi empowers her clients with this ability to re-align and re-orient the way they move through life. With her guidance my back has become strong and pain-free; my mind has become more clear and peaceful; my meditations and yoga practice are deeper and more enlightening. And there are many more interconnected, positive developments in my overall well-Being resulting from my work with Sumi. When the spine is supported and aligned harmoniously, an energy releases within one's body that sends waves of rejuvenation, vitality and consciousness through all the systems of body, mind and energy-field. It takes a level of refinement to work in this way. And it takes an even greater level of artistry to transmit it to someone else. Sumi has the amazing capacity to activate this level of empowerment and awareness in everyone she works with! "

Bhagirit Crow
Former Dancer
Adjunct Professor at St Edwards University
Austin, TX

“Sumi gently unveils the mystery of being present, leaving the mystery intact, through her masterful weaving of the science of Yoga with consciousness, together with the concepts and principles of the Alexander Technique. This unique combination makes her classes and the practical results from them incomparable. My strength, awareness and confidence have grown within a relatively short period of time.”

-- Rasa Andrea Sittler

"Dear Sumi,

Thank you for the profound and helpful Alexander lesson and healing session you gave to me.. I have been going to chiropractors and various osteopaths for recurring neck and low back pain. Not one of them addressed the underlying postural and biomechanical aspects with me, only adjust and come back! One session with you , ONE!, has helped me to become much more aware of how I move my body , and what holding patterns I have and has started to relieve the chronic pain! Your professionalism in expressing how to make improvements and the healing touch you have during the session have helped me immensely. I am looking forward to having you come to our home for at least a week to conduct personal lessons for my husband and I.

I was so privileged to work with you after an automobile accident 14 years ago in Boulder, CO. You came highly recommended by others who had experienced your work in the community. The Alexander lessons and yoga work we did together made such difference in my healing. My only regret is that I moved away and was unable to continue working with you!

You are truly a gifted, compassionate, yet very professional and proficient healer of the highest caliber. Your understanding of biomechanics is amazing.

It is an honor to know you and I look greatly forward to working with you in the very near future!

Sincerely and thank you again,"

--Ingrid Hollis

"I am so very gratefully to you Sumi for your inspiration and for what I have learned from you and from the training. Also, I'm thankful aside from Alexander Technique with regards to seeing your performances because I found that also enlightening. I'm also glad you introduced me to [Tai chi Chuan] because I find it very interesting and complimentary and hope to study it as well."


“Sumi Komo has magical hands, instinctively finding how and where to release tensions and old patterns. When I came to her I had back trouble from long rehearsals as a musician, but have been almost totally pain free after learning to sit correctly. The same for riding in cars.

Perhaps most special is the self- knowledge I have gained and will continue to gain thanks to my work with her: awareness of body tension, and, most exciting, sometimes the ability to release it by thought alone!”

-- Austin Symphony Violist

"My name is Ann Arnoult and I am a Pilates Instructor and studio owner and have been a ballet dancer for most of my adult life.
Although I am dancing no longer, I started to have problem with my body from teaching Pilates, specifically from the constant strain of pulling on the springs of the Pilates equipment for numerous hours with my busy schedule. I love teaching Pilates and love my clients and something I was doing which was hidden from my view, was putting a strain on my upper back and specifically my neck and shoulders. I also was having migraine headaches from my neck getting so tight at the end of the week. I was committed to healing my body so I could do my job with grace and ease. Well that has happened since I met Sumi and began doing the Alexander Technique with her. Shortly after beginning my sessions with Sumi I began to notice how much stress I was holding in my body, even just standing throughout the day. She helped me become aware of my holding patterns and I was able to let go of unnecessary muscle tightness in my back, shoulders and neck. At the end of each session with Sumi my neck was free and my body felt more centered and elongated. My shoulder pain went away and my migraines are nearly a thing of the past. Sumi has made a big difference in my life due to her huge commitment to the Alexander technique and its healing art. She is a master of this method and has a great deal to offer many others who are committed to living a life of well being."

--Ann Arnoult - Owner of Pilates by Ann Arnoult

"Sumi Komo is a first-class yoga teacher, who teaches the positions or asanas in a way that makes students concentrate on their breath and coordinate breath with movements. She has a quiet manner and meditative disposition, and communicates the best attitude through example and instructions that engage each student from his/her own point of view. I have attended yoga classes...and I would prefer going to a class of Sumi's over anyone else's. In her classes, students constantly participate with right concentration and there is no talk...I have conversed with several after the classes who agree that her classes are the best. Any yoga program should be proud to have her as a teacher or even organizer and trainer of other teachers. Her abilities should be better recognized."

-- Stephen Phillips - Professor of Philosophy and Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin

"I have gotten so much from the training and thank you for all of the hard work and effort you have put in. my Life has changed, and your work has had a profound effect on me. No only have you helped me to use my body better, you have affected my own world view. you are highly skilled and your guidance and knowledge has made it possible for me to experience the technique and to embody it more myself. I look forward to continuing to deepen my knowledge of the work and have found the training to be very inspiring."

--Lucinda Meredith - Graduate of the ATMA Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program

"This has been an adventure; one for which i am immensely grateful, and, one which I shall never forget. I am very happy with the professional nature of ATMA I like very much the affiliation with other reputable teachers and trainers. I have also been grateful for the private lessons with Sumi. It is wonderful to be able to interact with her in a private situation and to discuss different approaches to the Technique. I will forever be thankful that she was willing to train me using this combination approach. It has been a saving grace in my life and may be the pivotal issue in my emotional recovery. Thanks, and, again, thanks!!!"

-- Shane Fellows - ATMASM Centre Teacher Course Trainee

"Sumi has a magic touch. When she works with my students on performance pieces they become more sincere and real."

-- Betsy Cornwall - Theatre teacher

"I was given a gift certificate by my Pilates instructor for 1 class of the Alexander Technique with Sumi Komo. It turned out to be a life changing experience for me. I have had neck and back pain for the last 25 years. My neck pain had increased around Christmas time and had been non stop with intractable muscle spasms. I went to see Sumi for the 1st time on April 3rd and was so surprised at how much better I felt when I left. The pain returned fairly quickly, but it did make me hopefull that the Alexander Technique could really make a difference. I saw my doctor the following week to get the results of an MRI and she was extremely concerned about the findings. I told her about my experience with Sumi the previous week and asked what she thought of me trying this before we began with serious medical intervention. She said she would give me 3 weeks to see a major improvement in my symptoms and if I could not tell her about a change then we would begin medical treatment. In 3 weeks I was able to tell her that I was seeing a difference and after 15 visits the changes were nothing short of remarkable. I would encourage anyone with back or neck pain to try the Alexander Technique. I have done PT, cortisone shots, acupuncture, massage, exercises, heat and ice. This is the first thing that has really taught me how to relieve my own pain as opposed to someone trying to "fix me"."

-- Nancy Townsend

"I feel it is through Sumi’s distinct lens, her ability to communicate passionately and compassionately her deep belief and faith in the Alexander work, that she creates a profound learning environment."

-- Lauren Tietz - dancer and Pilates instructor

"Her ability to teach us about body structure and the Alexander principles have assisted us greatly in deepening our own understanding of how to take responsibility for our body and spirit."

-- Nikki Cobb & Traci McClure - spiritual healer and teacher

"I had a lot of pain for about two years in my neck, shoulders, back and legs. No one could find anything wrong with me and I was offered pain killers. Sumi began to help me and within a few weeks I was free of severe pain."

-- Ginger Auel - realtor

"Sumi is an inspired teacher and does wonderfully in a workshop setting or one on one. My students are crazy about these workshops and many have gone on to study with Sumi individually. The outpouring of thanks and thank you letters after her workshops is quite impressive. But the most impressive aspect of her workshops is how much my studnets benefit from Sumi's work in just one session. For many of these singers, posture is a major issue. Their understanding of the flow of the line is so enhanced after exposure to the Alexander Technique."

-- Mady Kaye - Professional musician and teacher

"I would like to thank you for the amazing and fabulous evening you treated us to last night. Everyone was impressed with your work."

-- Stacy Lemire - massage therapist, Director of Healing Touch Therapies

"I am a professional musician of 35 years’ experience who developed painful shoulder, neck and low back pains related to my posture. She has helped me immensely with her powers of observation and gentle guidance. I have no more pain or difficulty, thanks to her."

-- Steven Zirkel - trumpeter, bass guitarist, pianist

"Sumi’s training space is very peaceful and calming and I’ve always enjoyed working in the environment of her studio."

-- Edria - opera singer

"My personal experience of the Alexander technique as presented by Sumi Komo is close to miraculous. I have avoided surgery…. I have full use of my arm. She is a credit to all who are associated with the Alexander Technique."

David Claflin - lawyer

"She is a highly skilled and insightful teacher."

-- Jeanine Lehman - lawyer

"I have watched Sumi's unusual gifts of healing demonstrated in her work as an Alexateacher for several years. My lawyer husband was greatly helped by Sumi and was able to avoid rotater cuff surgery. I have a compromised lower back and she has taken most of the pain away and I am still attending lessons with her. I have referred many people to Sumi and they are always deeply grateful and benefited.

I was hesitant about the Alexander work until I met Sumi. I had attended an orientation at the Crossings Retreat Center here in Austin and was not impressed. Because of my years in the field of the healing arts, including my 21 years as a Trustee with the Fetzer Institute as we researched mind-body medicine, I am aware of the stellar training she has been gifted to receive. I am also aware of the many giants she has worked with and for. Such a person as Sumi is to be deeply respected and acknowledged as a teacher and trainer of the healing arts. I appreciate this opportunity to speak on her behalf as her praises are most deserved."

--Janis Claflin, LMFT