Zen Shinji Centre

Zen Shinji Centre, affiliate group to the Yokoji Zen Mountain Monastery in California, Abbot, Reverend Charles Tenshin Fletcher, Roshi.

Sumi (known as Sumi Ryoko) is an ordained Zen Buddhist priestess. She teaches Buddhist meditation practices and mindfulness based movement and counseling. All aspects of creativity and learning are based on Buddhist principles from the Noble Eightfold path such as right action, right effort and right speech. The process involves learning to do good, do good for others, and to be awake in thought and expression. We focus on learning to act in one's life with integrity, loving kindness, courage and compassion.

A beautiful new space to move and create, learn, and be inspired. Energetically and physically balanced and blessed. Zen Shinji Centre is a sacred environment for all who study here.

photo © Eric Midgley